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Lower risk
Reduce cost
Protect environment

Sentinel Subsea specialises in the passive monitoring of subsea infrastructure and equipment.

Our low cost and easy to deploy technology continuously monitors the integrity of subsea oil and gas assets and carbon capture sites, significantly lowering risk, reducing inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) costs and protecting the environment.

Our goal is to help the industry combat the risks associated with maturing infrastructure, reduce OPEX across subsea operations and showcase environment stewardship.

Cost efficient environmental stewardship is the foundation of a thriving, 21st century energy industry. Sentinel Subsea holds the key.


The only passive technology available for monitoring the integrity of subsea wells, wellheads and Xmas trees.

Once deployed subsea, our continuous asset monitoring system rapidly identifies any unwanted loss of containment (LoC) subsea and transmits an alert signal via iridium satellite.

Our suite of technologies can be applied across all stages of the well lifecycle, detecting leaks at any stage from production to late-life, shut in, suspension, decommissioning and re-use (Carbon Capture & Storage).

  • Continuously monitors asset integrity
  • Requires no subsea power or umbilical
  • Low cost and easy to deploy
  • Long term solution
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Lowering Subsea Asset Risk

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Reducing IRM, Reducing Costs

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Protecting the Environment

The team

With over a hundred years’ experience, our expertise lies in the development, launch and deployment of subsea well technology product lines.

“We founded Sentinel Subsea because we truly believe we have developed a transformational technology that provides reliable and continuous real time asset integrity assurance. At the same time the technology reduces the cost of current monitoring techniques and massively reduces the carbon footprint associated with existing methods.”

Neil Gordon
Sentinel CEO


Under the Surface with...Elliot Kinch.
Under the Surface with...

It’s safe to say that Elliot Kinch didn’t hang around when it came to forging a career in the oil and gas industry...

In the factory
Making the Transition

Sentinel Subsea’s SWIFT to ensure successful storage of captured carbon....

Equipment on the boat ready to deploy
Field Trial Success

Sentinel Subsea, specialist in long-term well integrity verification, has announced the successful completion its first offshore field trial.

Neil Gordon
High Growth Scotland

Sentinel Subsea has created a revolutionary, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly well integrity monitoring system.