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Since inception, Sentinel Subsea has been shaping the future of subsea monitoring with its innovative, proprietary technologies, supporting the industry and its commitment to cost-efficient, environmental stewardship.

Join Sentinel Subsea’s expert-led, pioneering team and become a part of an exciting journey of innovation to a safer and more sustainable subsea industry.

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About us

Our innovative team is passionate about anticipating market conditions, continuously developing Sentinel Subsea technologies to support the needs of the industry.

We ensure that the offshore energy industry has the means of demonstrating sound environmental stewardship, whilst providing a cost-effective and efficient asset integrity monitoring technologies.

“We founded Sentinel Subsea because we truly believe we have developed a transformational technology that provides reliable and continuous real time asset integrity assurance. At the same time the technology reduces the cost of current monitoring techniques and massively reduces the carbon footprint associated with existing methods.”

Sentinel Subsea CEO