Meet Márcio!

Meet Márcio!

Our Technical Support Coordinator.

What is your background/career history prior to joining Sentinel Subsea?

I have been working in the oil and gas sector since 2009, passing through various roles and companies during this time, in different onshore and offshore locations globally.

Having faced great challenges throughout my career, this has allowed me to have a more in-depth and critical look at maintenance and operations in the oil and gas industry, but mainly with subsea equipment.

What has been your biggest learning experience?

Having had the opportunity to work with other cultures during my career was the greatest learning experience I could receive. Diversity allows us to think differently and achieve more excellence in the services we provide.

What made you choose Sentinel?

I chose Sentinel because I believe in the product, in the company’s values and especially in the people behind the whole project, they are professionals of great notoriety in this market and with an unquestionable professional history.

Can you give an insight into your working day?

My workday is usually intense, I need to be aware of the needs of our customers, carry out inspections, maintenance, controls, and monitoring of operations to ensure that services are performed within the standards defined by the company together with our customers.

What makes you passionate about your role?

Being able to help people with my service by taking different forms of energy and raw materials and turning it into something that supports people in their day-to-day lives – that’s what keeps me motivated.

As the industry transitions to incorporate net zero targets, how does your role contribute to Sentinel’s mission of supporting operators advance towards a more sustainable future?

My role directly contributes to Sentinel’s mission as my responsibilities of deploying monitoring systems internationally mean I’m able to deliver the company’s values directly to the customer and can work towards generating market awareness of the importance of preserving our environment more and more in oil and gas operations.

Where do you see the future of the industry heading, particularly in your region?

I see a promising and much more sustainable future as companies like Sentinel offer services that preserve our environment and educate others to do the same, providing energy in a safe and efficient way.