Reduce risk, lower cost, and protect the environment

Reduce risk, lower cost, and protect the environment

How WellSentinel™ technology is supporting operators transition to a more sustainable future.

Reduce risk, lower cost, and protect the environment: how WellSentinel™ technology is supporting operators transition to a more sustainable future.

As the energy industry grows and threads environmental responsibility into its daily operations, the subsea market continues to recognise the need for emission detection technology to reduce the risk of unwanted fluid release across all stages of the well lifecycle, detecting at any stage from exploration, development, production, late-life, decommissioning, and re-use (carbon capture and storage).

WellSentinel™ passive integrity monitoring features passive systems designed to continuously monitor the integrity of subsea wells and repurposed carbon capture sites without the need for active subsea power or data communication. Manufactured to gather and detect specific fluids (such as oil, gas, tracer, CO2, and more), the systems passively detect fluids and transmit an alert signal via an iridium satellite to support operators and help mitigate unwanted emissions.

Once deployed the system immediately sets to work identifying any unwanted loss of containment (LoC). It is designed to have minimal maintenance and can operate for over 20 years, mitigating the need for frequent vessel-based operations, resulting in significant diesel savings and manpower costs.

ESG conscious

WellSentinel™ has already added significant value to operations in subsea asset monitoring, reducing not only the complexities of operating in a marine environment, but reducing operator costs and impact on environment.

A recent validation report by Carbon Impact Forecast found that just one WellSentinel™ system has the potential to save around 400 tonnes of CO2 equivalent over a 10 year period of monitoring. The use of long-term passive monitoring solutions has been deemed as having a “significant climate benefit” by Carbon Impact Forecast and saves 60% of the vessel fuel required to monitor one well.

Alternative operations

From wellheads to mudlines, Sentinel Subsea’s suite of gathering systems is designed to fit an extensive range of potential subsea well types and structures. The team strives to ensure that the custom needs of its clients and partners are being met every time.

As a highly flexible system, Sentinel created WellSentinel™ to monitor all types of subsea wells, across all environments.

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