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Cost efficient environmental stewardship is the foundation of a thriving, 21st century energy industry.
Sentinel Subsea holds the key.

Subsea wells are the beating heart of the offshore oil and gas industry; monitoring active wells’ integrity ensures optimum production and environmental safety.

But what happens when a well is shut-in or suspended?

Sentinel Subsea’s technology provides continuous well integrity monitoring from exploration to final abandonment.

Our low-cost, easy to deploy and environmentally friendly solution can be applied to any well, at any stage of its life cycle, whether it needs to be shut-in or suspended.


Our transformative technology de-risks wells, helping operators:

Reduce Monitoring Cost. The system de-risks shut-in and suspended wells, meeting optimum subsea asset inspection requirements, whilst eliminating the need for manual inspection.

Enhance Risk Management. Operators who use our passive monitoring system will have “peace of mind”, as the system provides a constant and real-time assurance that all well barriers are secure. The early alert means that any loss of containment can be dealt with immediately.

Protect the Environment. Our technology assures continual environmental integrity to the operator and regulatory communities. The in-situ system also reduces carbon emissions created via manual inspection methods.



Our Fluid Tracer (SWIFT) is simply sealed in a shut-in or suspended well and will only enter the subsea environment, should there be a loss of containment.

In the event of a loss of containment, SWIFT reacts with the appropriate Sentinel Subsea monitoring system to create an alert, allowing immediate investigation.

  • Low Cost. There are thousands of shut-in and suspended wells across the globe. Our system is highly cost-effective in comparison to traditional, manual methods of inspection.
  • No Added Risk. Our system has been developed to align with standard well shut-in, suspension and P&A procedures.
  • Passive. No active power is required to operate this system - it offers an extended lifecycle of 15 years without the need for intervention. No manual maintenance is required.
  • Environmentally Friendly. We repurpose materials from the fish processing industry, which would normally go to landfill and couple it with chemicals derived entirely from biomass.
  • Non-Invasive. Our system’s components do not disturb materials found in the well or reservoir.


Neil Gordon

Neil Gordon

Chief Executive Officer

Neil demonstrates an impressive track record within the oil and energy sector. Over 34 years in well construction have seen Neil play an integral role within a number of global companies, bringing his expertise to a broad range of operations, sales, senior management and board level activity. Neil has managed global product line portfolios whilst successfully championing and launching new and innovative well construction technologies.

As CEO of Sentinel Subsea, Neil is now working hard to help the oil and gas industry demonstrate good environmental stewardship via the decommissioning process, and beyond.

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Andrew Jaffrey

Dr Andrew Jaffrey

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew brings over 30 years of wide-ranging experience to the role. His career spans a variety of innovation/technical directorship and consultancy roles, including 23 years in oil and gas, with the last 13 years focused on subsea.

He is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Engineering & Technology with extensive experience in the global delivery of multi-million dollar physical and digital solutions. His creative desire to find pragmatic solutions to industry issues is reflected in being a named inventor on 24 granted patents, with another 12 patents pending.

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Elliot Kinch

Elliot Kinch

Business Development Director

Elliot is Sentinel Subsea’s Director of Business Development. A well intervention and completion specialist with over 25 years’ industry experience, he has dedicated over 10 years to the offshore deployment of well intervention, conventional and intelligent completion technology product lines.

His project management of the design and deployment of these technologies in many international regions gives him valuable connections, knowledge and understanding of the subsea arena and specifically the challenges faced by the industry, tasked with effective well plugging and abandonment.

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Jim Gordon

Business Development

Jim is a recent graduate of the University of Aberdeen. With an MSc in International Business Management, he has brought a raft of knowledge which he is now applying to his business development role at Sentinel Subsea. With particular expertise in market research and analytics, Jim identifies markets, growth areas, trends and customer profiles and relishes the fast paced start-up environment of Sentinel Subsea.

A native Aberdonian, Jim spent time studying overseas before returning to Scotland, where higher education was mixed with team management roles during his five years as a student.

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“…the value this technology will bring is multi-faceted. It negates the need for annual or biannual inspections - an important contribution to lowering costs. Operators have the confidence to deploy some of the alternative abandonment technologies, knowing that should there be an issue it would be caught early, and remediation would be simpler and cheaper.”― The Oil & Gas Technology Centre


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Sentinel Subsea Completes First Offshore Field Trial

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Scottish EDGE Round 14 winners! Sentinel Subsea receives coveted award in top 2% of the 289 companies that applied and pitched their way through the video round, semi-final and final.

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Sentinel Subsea wins a place on OGTC TechX Pioneer Programme.

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